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Excellent read and explains what all goes into logo design from a graphic designer! read article here

MAY 7-10, 2019 CHICAGO, IL INDUSTRY NEWS Future Graphic Design Trends To Look For In 2019 Blog The ball has dropped and now all eyes will be on the horizon and what trends we are seeing, anticipating and, perhaps, won’t ever come to fruition. Our HOW Brand panel of industry experts and leaders shared their

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5 Tried and True Design Devices for Logo Designers Thanks to Bill Gardner and LogoLounge and judges Aaron Draplin (Draplin Design Co.), Von Glitschka (Glitschka Studios) Su Mathews Hale (Lippincott), Andreas Karl (Karl Design) Chad Michael (Chad Michael Studio), Emily Oberman (Pentagram), Yo Santosa (Ferroconcrete) Felix Sockwell, Alex Tass, and Alex Trochut for all their

Globally utilize process-centric users through adaptive e-commerce. Assertively cultivate…

Seamlessly pursue collaborative infomediaries through market-driven core competencies…