Aaron Draplin Makes a Shout Out to In-House

FOR A COUPLE YEARS IN A ROW: I’d meet a kid who was a graphic designer at Subway. And in the frenzy of a merch table or sweaty meet-n-greet, he’d introduce himself, we’d get to bullshitting and when he’d tell me he worked in the art department for Subway, he’d kind of apologize for it. As if it wasn’t cool enough, or something? And it always crushed me.

I’d soothe the guy each time, “Hey man, I get a Subway sando ever four months. Some people, they live off the stuff. You are insured, right? You work on good machines, right? You like the job enough to stick around, right? Don’t beat yourself up, man. Subway customers deserve good design too! And that’s YOU. Hell yeah!” And we’d hug it out. And talk about BLTs and shit. And bread types. And extra meat options. And whatever else.

That’s what I think about when I drive past a Subway, or see someone demolishing one on a bus stop bench. That kid works on that experience, and it’s valid, and it matters…and holy fuck, I’m suddenly HUNGRY AS HELL.

David Nakamoto took the shot of the discarded Subway cup you are seeing here. What a beautiful mark on that thing! Such good moves. And, great colors. The lid? And the straw? All considered and done so well. (Thanks, @audraglint!)

So to all you in-house badasses out there, let this be known: The DDC tips it hat at you with respect. Anyone who looks down at those sorts of gigs can suck it.

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